You probably already know everything about Belgrade as cultural center and you probably came to Belgrade to see the capital of night life in the region. You probably read about those characteristic of Belgrade, or had the chance to experience Belgrade in person. But there is one great and beautiful secret about Belgrade that can be revealed only by true Belgraders and that secret is something that will make you fall in love in Belgrade, if you already are not in love. 

Sava and Danube are two rivers that are flowing through Belgrade and all the treasures and pleasures of those rivers are kept for the special guests, for the ones that will understand that rivers are the heart and soul of Belgrade; they are the sanctuary, the oasis of peace, shelter from the noise and rush. You can walk by the river, you and swim and… You can fish!

Some people say that fishing is for the ones that have patience, the other say that fish in the water enjoy fishing more than the ones that hold fishing rod, but everyone agrees that fishing is major component of natural life. Fishing is perfect for the ones that like to spend time alone as well as for the ones that like spending time with friends.

Position on The Danube River, where Green House Hostel is located, is perfect for fishing! If you are a fisherman, you will probably come prepared and bring your one fishing rod, but if you forgot to bring it we will borrow you one so we could fish together. If you don’t have any fishing experience maybe this will be the perfect time and place to catch your first fish!